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A Very Merry Christmas: Intro
Aiden's pre-Christmas cheer was really starting to get on his nerves. Since the day after Thanksgiving, the lanky blond had started acting as though he was five. Christmas carols would be playing from the moment he got up until the moment he came back from work. Pine and gingerbread scented candles fragranced the air along with the delectable scent of  home made fudge and brownies as Aiden attempted to refine his cooking skills. Quite frankly, the whole display made Dan sick.
He absolutely couldn't stand the holiday season. Sure, he used to love it, especially when he was younger, but this past year had left a bitter taste in his mouth. The very words 'Merry Christmas' felt like ash in his mouth when he tried to utter them. Seeing Aiden prance through the dark hallways of their Victorian style house hanging garland made the ash feel like lead. How could he be so happy when Ren was going to die?
Of course, he should be used to such an event. He'd only heard the phrase 'might n
:iconred-dragon-dog:ReD-Dragon-Dog 2 6
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Making it Normal
The knife slashed across her middle, and he saw her collapses just as the scream was leaving her plump lips. The barguest’s body fell before him, her blood splashing across his face.
“Raven, Crawl, go catch him.” Aiden said, pointing after the fiend they’d been chasing all night. His two demonic familiars ran after him, their sharp claws clicking off the pavement. Though they lacked Ren’s speed, they’d at least be able to locate the missing devil so that Aiden might return to bring him to hell later.
Ren gasped for breath, having reverted back to her human form. Blood poured freely from a wound in her stomach, staining the ground a bright crimson, and he knew he’d have to act quickly. He quickly cut the leather jerkin she wore in both wolf and human form off, tearing the thin layer of cotton that was all the remained of her t-shirt underneath.
Ren whimpered, her eyes closed shut, her breathing coming quicker and quicker. She clenched her fists, but di
:iconred-dragon-dog:ReD-Dragon-Dog 2 9
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DD's the best thing since Cream
United States
Current Residence: Faerun
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Alternative/Screamo
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Personal Quote: A leader is displayed by what they do, not what they say. If thats the case, I can rule the world.
  • Listening to: Deleted Scenes of a Snuff Princess (CoF)
  • Reading: Blood and Chocolate
  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: Blood

Yes, its true. After slowly abandoning this DA in favor of my cleaner, less pre-teen ridden doodles, I've finally decided that its official. ReD is moving her Da account. What does this mean for you, dear watchers? Absolutely nothing, except that when your bored and stumble across a peice or two on my new account, its not stolen, just reuploaded.

So, what can you expect to see on my NEW Da account?
  • More Tags. I've been spending allot of time on FP. The result is small peices that I use to help me imrpove.
    • Less scraps. At the moment, the scraps in the new DA gallery do not exceed my actual gallery, as this one has.
      • Less Literature. I'm taking advanced english classes and working on more character development. Over the past few years, various RP's with :iconphantomphanatic2910: :iconkyra-wolf: :iconmilk-san: have really helped me work out the kinks. Shes become less of a sue, and more of a self-reliant character. I'm pleased with this transition and strive to continue the improvement. Any literature I make will be submitted here, or in my scraps on old account.
        • More finished pieces. Like I said, less scraps, more finished pieces.
          • More dragons. Because you can never have enough dragons!
            • Less of me watching people. While I enjoy a variety of talented artists, I will not watch very many on that account. I want to comment on everyone's peices in turn, but picking which ones is very difficult.
              • Less watchers.

                Oh no! Less watchers!? Whatever shall I do?!

                Now, to end my journal, there are a few people I really have to single out.
                If you plan on watching my new account, you should really consider checking out:

                • :iconCSSupernova: Some pretty cool fancharacters from various fantasy settings. Her art has been improving rapidly throughout the past few months I've been watching her, and its always a delight to see one of her peices in my inbox.
                  • :iconwyndbain: For fantastic fantasy wolf-art.
                    • :iconkyra-wolf: :iconphantomphanatic2910: :iconsupercoolninjagirl: :iconk8tilton: there really anything I need to say about these people? The improvements in their galleries speak for me.
                      • :icongscminimarou: :iconamberthesunwolf:
                        • :iconxkerei:
                          • :iconbrimercedes: I could rave about the lovely Keaton's gallery for hours, but theres really no need. No need at all, its just absolutely fantastic.

                            If your not on this list, don't feel bad. I was going to continue but I'm really quite excited.

                            Please stalk me at my new account, Canis-Angst

                            --Side Note--
                            If you've sent me a note within the past 4 months, chances are I didn't read it, nor do I really intend to now. Please do not note me on my new DA unless its something important.


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